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Waterproof flooring: for ultimate protection

"But I don't live in a hurricane area! Why do I need waterproof?" A lot of things besides the weather cause floods, leaks, and moisture damage. They often pop up when you least expect it.

Kissingers Floor & Wall doesn’t want to just sell flooring to you. We want to help you pull a room together and transform your home.

Offering free estimates and measuring, as well as a no-charge installation, our showroom is in Berwick, PA and we also serve Bloomsburg, Millville, Hazleton, Danville.

What are some of the things that create water?

  • A slow drain in another room. This one might surprise you, but once you understand how a plumbing system works, you’ll see. Each room doesn’t have its own set of pipes; there are connectors and joints all through the house. When a sink backs up, eventually it will make one of the connectors, the T-Pipe, overflow, and you’ll get a leak somewhere in the house.
  • Clogged outdoor drainpipes. Especially when the windows are open, they can create a lot of humidity which eventually becomes little pockets in the walls. Then you’ll see peeling and flaking.
  • Everyday activities: like showering or cooking can create moisture.
  • Appliances: like dishwashers can flood when the seals are broken, or the hoses corroded.

That’s just some. We bet you can come up with more.

Is waterproof flooring some heavy-duty industrial-looking material?

It's the latest version of luxury vinyl (LVF) a high end, chic, stylish mimic of wood, tile or stone. But don't take our word for it; go into a flooring store and explore the many colors, species, designs, and patterns. The images are created from 3-D photographs and are clear and accurate, showing every knot, raised grain, vivid pattern, bold color and veining of the real thing. Texturing features can make it look wire-brushed, hand-scraped or more. You can get it in matte or gloss finishes.

There are other benefits, as your flooring retailer will explain, about this waterproof superman:
  • Durability: All vinyl is strong, but this flooring comes with a WPC (wood plastic composite) core, as opposed to the traditional one. This gives it a higher level of waterproof capabilities and moisture protection; it won’t peel or ripple no matter what. The core also makes it thicker than traditional LVF.
  • Easy care: Sweep and mop.
  • Simple installation. DIY-friendly, the pieces just click together like a puzzle.