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Three things to know about hardwood

Hardwood flooring adds warmth and richness to any home, but there are many benefits, as your retailer can explain.

Kissingers Floor & Wall doesn’t want to just sell flooring to you. We want to help you pull a room together and transform your home.

We love hardwood flooring. It is a classic. It fits into any environment, never goes out of style and, with proper care, it can last up to 100 years, and often just looks better with age.

Offering free estimates and measuring, as well as a no-charge installation, our showroom is in Berwick, PA and we serve Berwick, PA, Williamsport, PA, Scranton, PA, Schuylkill Haven, PA, Lehighton, PA, Millersburg, PA, Lewisburg, PA, Bloomsburg, PA, Danville, PA, and Hazleton, PA.

Gorgeous undertones are something to know about

An undertone is simply a secondary color that’s mixed in with the primary one.

For instance, if your floor is mahogany. it might also have a red, orange or brown tint. Similarly, gray wood floors can have a slate blue tint.

When you go into a flooring store, be sure to hold a hardwood sample up to the light so you can see the hue.

When used correctly, your floors can become design tools. You want to be sure everything’s balanced; if the undertone is a warm shade you might want to add some cooler colors; if the undertone is a cool shade you’ll want to add some warm tones. (This might be a good time to invest $20 in a color wheel.) Coordinate them with wall and upholstery colors, accessories and even views--can you imagine an ocean view with a gray/slate blue floor? Wow!

Two kinds of hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is more stable, handles water better and is taking over a large share of the wood flooring industry.

While solid wood is one slice of real wood all the way through, engineered has a slice on top with at least three layers underneath that combine genuine lumber with some resins. The layers are placed in a crosswise position and that’s what gives it stability.

As a result, it can sometimes be installed where solid cannot, such as in basements. It also doesn't move with the weather, so there's no need for acclimation.

Like solid, though, it still should not be placed in bathrooms.

Hardwood adds value

Whether solid or engineered, your property values will increase. We’re also told that prospective buyers will often pay more for a home with wood floors, not to mention there’s the visual appeal that makes homes sell faster.